Surveillance & People Tracing

High-quality professional surveillance and intelligence gathering services

Our surveillance and people tracing specialists are experts at detecting as well as preventing crime and the malicious behaviour typically seen in cases of fraud, intellectual property theft and other employee security issues. Having worked for numerous law firms as well as corporate clients over the years, our team has a wealth of experience in technical and conventional surveillance methods as well as behavioural analytics.

Covert Surveillance

Covert surveillance is a necessary tactic involving the monitoring of targets' movements, conversations and other activities without their knowledge. This work is carried out by highly-skilled specialist surveillance officers who may work in vehicles, on foot or from fixed observation posts.

We specialise in identifying, collecting, preserving and analysing intelligence, which enables us to provide high-quality evidence which is legally admissible. Where necessary, we also conduct discreet covert data collection exercises during sensitive operations.

Our team of surveillance and people tracing specialists provide high-quality, professional surveillance and intelligence gathering services worldwide. Our unique services can save your business time and money. Although no organisation can absolutely guarantee finding the data you are looking for, whether you need to trace an individual or conduct surveillance, if the data exists, we will find it.

People Tracing

Every year thousands of debtors’ default on their financial responsibilities, leaving landlords and businesses out of pocket. We find missing persons or recover outstanding debt, and we pride ourselves on our high success rates. We use the latest technology combined with traditional intelligence gathering methods, and all work is carried out in both a legal and ethical manner, in accordance with all current legislation.

Tracing people can appear to be straightforward, given the data available on the internet and social media, but tracing people also requires significant amounts of time and solid investigative work. The more information known about a person the easier it is to find them, so we augment the information you provide by utilising meticulous and discreet methods to make enquiries on your behalf.

We can find people quickly and efficiently using a vast range of resources that we have access to, which are not generally available for everyone to use. We can search electronic records from public bodies and credit reference agencies, follow up on enquiries for a more comprehensive trace and attend addresses, take photographs or videos for a doorstep trace. Depending on the information you have and the level of service you require, we can help in your search.

Our clients tell us that we are different. We believe what distinguishes our team of surveillance and people tracing specialists is our ability to understand your needs and culture, coupled with our integrity, agility, international reach, world-class product suite and a very successful track record, especially in challenging markets.

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