We provide comprehensive forensic accounting, expert witness and dispute advisory, investigations, forensic technology, and valuation services across a wide range of business sectors.

Expert witness and dispute advisory: our experts have years of experience in providing formal expert witness reports to court in civil, criminal, or family matters. We also apply that expertise to assist in resolving disputes.

Expert determination: as independent advisors, we regularly act as jointly appointed expert determiners to resolve contractual disputes, including post-M&A transaction matters such as earnouts and completion accounts. We also act as advisers to assist parties making submissions where another expert is acting as determiner.

Investigations and asset recovery: our team of investigations and intelligence experts are highly sought after by leading law firms, financial institutions and other organisations on complex multi-jurisdictional litigation; fraud; debt and asset recovery; arbitration; and corporate matters.

Forensic technology:  we have in-house capability to extract and analyse data from servers, computers, and other digital media, to a forensic standard.

Cross-border asset recovery: clients all over the world seek out our cross-border asset-recovery services, which include project management and litigation support to locate and repatriate the proceeds of fraud and corruption concealed in foreign jurisdictions.

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